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New course – Break free: 5 steps to break out of your comfort zone.

Our comfort zone will become a danger zone. Find out why, and how to break free by using 5 simple steps to make the leap easier. You’ll learn to take control of your thoughts, build resilience, manage change, minimize risk, and then have the confidence to go for it. Lectures come with a workbook containing mindset strategies from great thought leaders on the subject, so you can take your learning to a deeper level. The workbook also provides assessments to help you consider where you are now, and how you’d like your comfort zone to shift.

This 45 minute course is for anyone who fears missing out on all life has to offer, and needs help making change easy. You’ll learn why there’s an urgent need to break out of your comfort zone, and 5 simple steps to make it go smoothly.

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Most popular course – Values based decision-making: Make great choices fast, both at work and personally.

Learn how to make great decisions, fast. This 1hr course will show you how to use values and goals as guiding principles. This method can make you a hero at work, and you’ll able to enjoy more in your personal life because it will have direction and meaning.

Our decisions build on themselves to create our work and personal life, so even small choices can lead to big significance. This course will get you set up to make great decisions in 3 areas. If you work for a company, you’ll be able to find their values and quarterly goals, plus know how to use them as your guiding principles. Then you’ll learn to create your own set of decision-making principles for if you have your own business, getting everyone working in the same direction. The same concept will then be applied to your personal life so you can make choices that will bring meaning and purpose to your world. You’ll get the tools to make great decisions fast, and set up a life you love.
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Relaunching soon – SmartLife’s signature course, Finding fulfillment: Use design thinking to create a life you love.

Why live a pretty good life when you can live your absolute best life? We’ll use design thinking to find purpose and create a fulfilling, meaningful life. Over 6 weeks (1hr video tutorial + reflection and action each week), we’ll discover, plan, and set up our life for the utmost in fulfillment.

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