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New course: Break free: 5 steps to break out of your comfort zone.

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Our comfort zone will become a danger zone. Find out why, and how to break free by using 5 simple steps to make the leap easier. You’ll learn to take control of your thoughts, build resilience, manage change, minimize risk, and then have the confidence to go for it. Lectures also come with a workbook containing mindset strategies from great thought leaders on the subject, so you can take your learning to a deeper level. The workbook also provides assessments to help you consider where you are now, and how you’d like your comfort zone to shift.

This 45 minute course is for anyone who fears missing out on all life has to offer, and needs help making change easy. You’ll learn why there’s an urgent need to break out of your comfort zone, and 5 simple steps to make it go smoothly.

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“Thank you Yvonne. I found the content to be very valuable, accessible and practical.” – Candice Turvey-Green

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