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New course: Values based decision-making: Make great choices fast, both at work and personally.

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Learn how to make great decisions, fast. This 1hr course will show you how to use values and goals as guiding principles. This method can make you a hero at work, and you’ll able to enjoy more in your personal life because it will have direction and meaning.

Our decisions build on themselves to create our work and personal life, so even small choices can lead to big significance. This course will get you set up to make great decisions in 3 areas. If you work for a company, you’ll be able to find their values and quarterly goals, plus know how to use them as your guiding principles. Then you’ll learn to create your own set of decision-making principles for if you have your own business, getting everyone working in the same direction. The same concept will then be applied to your personal life so you can make choices that will bring meaning and purpose to your world. You’ll get the tools to make great decisions fast, and set up a life you love.
Here’s what we’ll cover:
• The effects of decision-making based on your values
• The difference between values, ethics, goals, mission, vision, and beliefs
• The equation to use for great decisions
• Finding and applying company values and goals
• Setting decision-making guidelines for your own business so everyone heads in the same direction
• SMART goals and stretch goals
• Building your personal set of values and goals to direct choices in your own life
• How values based decision-making can work in conjunction with pros/cons lists and other methods
• 5 supporting tips to make sure your decisions go smoothly
Be sure to download the 15-page interactive workbook to follow along with the video lessons.
Here’s what people are saying…
“Great course! So worth the time invested in watching the videos. Feels like it should be something that MBA or BCom students participate in at the start of their programs. It’s foundational stuff.”
– Jacqueline Brown
“I share same ideas with the instructor, that beliefs handed down through family and traditions stop people from making their best decisions.”
– Ferdinand DeRamos
“I loved this course and did the lessons to help me get clarity on some important decisions!”
– Anne Bradley


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